Tuesday, December 25, 2012

When Europe has lost its colors?

When Europe has lost its colors?
Europe in my mind, especially Czech Republic has its dominant color GREY. Yes. Not everytimes, there is also a sun, there is a blue sky, sometimes in summer you can see many colors but I do not consider it as enough. So now I am about to return to Europe, to the heart of Europe, to Czech afraid of this color that is very useful among other color, but if so much grey, then it can be so close to black color, and no more sun in peoples mind. Who is going to be interest there, Where I am from, from Where I am coming, Why I am there? As happening daily here in South East Asia. Yes. I am afraid to miss this Asia spirit, the palette of colors, the silence of Buddhist temple, Chinese pavilions… smiles without a particular reasons just for you…:]
My mission
So my mission among the others is to bring sun from SEA to everybody I meet on my way across the country in Europe…:] bright and colorful mind, cheerful in spirit and outside to appear in the clothes of many colors or in the color you feel well for that particular day.. Do not forgot, there is so many colors in the world and once we concentrate just on one or two colors then we miss other colors and we miss the wholeness of the Universe then ':]

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