Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas in Bangkok

Bangkok, day 4.
Christmas in Bangkok. Get up in the morning in my friend house, my friend already left for her university in the early morning. So I stayed alone, eating my breakfast, my first thought were little desperate. I am alone here in Bangkok, while my friends and family in Czech just celebrating Christmas there, everybody just enjoying Christmas athmosphere with their families and so on…  But then calm my thoughts and start to thinking how to spend my last 1,5 days in Bangkok before my travels to country where I was born.. 
Mentally I am celebrating Christmas rituals but in different way, f. e. one of the Christmas rituals which I remember from my family is to take apple and cut it to make two halves and see if there is star inside or not, star brings you happiness in next year, if I remember well..  so here at Bangkok, I bought an apple {the big one: probably from Korea or Japan], but could not use knife as my friend had no idea where her knife disappear, so I just eat half of apple and other half I share with my Thai friend Sy to make up some Christmas rituals in new way..  This is ritual for my Christmas Eve, on 24 of December, just after I returned from Chiang Mai by train at night and we could not find any church open in the neighbourhood of Hualampong area…

The next morning, 25 of December
I went out of my friend place and found very good looking mangostine, so bought 1 kilo, to celebrate Christmas, as one of the habit in my family is to buy many, many mandarins from Spain, as they are so tasty and cheap before Christmas coming… 

so I substitute mandarins by sweet mangostine, then took my morning Americano with milk and in the same building visit one of the galleries of Bangkok {DOB Hualamphong Gallery], had there very pleasant visit, it is at the second floor, turn right next to pharmacy in front of Hualampong station and gallery take the same door with that stylish cafĂ© with yellow and red shadow light:]. There I got a map of others art galleries and centres of art in Bangkok, so my day in Bangkok, on 25 of December, got its direction… 
But first of seeing all these art galleries, such us 338 Oida Gallery, I relax my mind and body at Lumpini park, sitting in Chinese pavilion with view on the Lake..
Soon eating my healthy lunch, some salad and sushi, as good some at local supermarket with night discount {if you go at night to supermarket, many products, especially salads and sushi, you can get with discount]. Because I really need more and more healthy food and vegetable and sometimes it is not easy to find suitable food in South East Asia, as they do not give you many vegetables in restaurant or use so much of oil for frying…

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