Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thailand trip


My travel to Bangkok began very funny from its beginning. I forgot my laptop charger at my friends place from couchsurfing, so feel really lost for a moment… How can I get a new laptop charger and where? Would will I have enough money for a new one.. How I can survive without my laptop etc. :]
 Then my flight to Bangkok from Medan with Air Asia got late, so I hope my friends can somehow deliver it, but no way :{ At Medan aeroport there was not so many food to buy for lunch and as our plane was delayed, our stomache more and more hungry and body more and more tired..
At plane I met one boy from Bangkok and one Indonesian girl from Medan which went for 3 day trip to Bangkok, her first time, so we decided took a bus no. 29 from aeroport Don Mueang {DMK] together to reach Bangkok centre. Travel by this bus was like a disaster for our empty stomache, my friend Juvita had not eaten neither that day and we got more exhausted because of traffic jam in Bangkok and our bus was fully crowded, no space for luggage and no a\c…. imagine :] My plan was to go directly to my friend's place near central train station Hualampong but it seems to be too far in the traffic and really tough with one bag with 15 kg and second bag with 6 kg and some more small bags around.. So I told Juvita I would like to go by taxi to my friends place but it would be quite expensive for one person and also my friend not come home yet and I would have to wait for here 2 more hours…  Juvita offered me that I can go first to her hotel to stay with her in her room, we can share taxi and I can go to my friends place next day… I said: Ok, good idea, better travel together than alone {Indonesian style :D].
But when we reach hotel Nasa, they told us that they cancelated Juvita reservation because she had reserved her room one day before our arrival but they did not tell her anything and did not inform her about it.. also they offer her just double prize expensive room, because it is always cheaper to book this hotel on than at reception desk in this hotel…  But fortunately, there is always a solution, at reception desk there was a Russian girl which seems to have similar problem, hotel refused her credit card, so she had to pay this double prize, so Juvita asked me to speak to her, like European to European :X and I asked if she would like to share a room and a prize and she agreed, so it has happended that first night in Bangkok it was 3 of us, and nobody of us expect our meeting, but destiny happended :D that we meet together at that hotel… :] Then we went together discover city by boat, by taxi, by foot, sharing our life stories. Then we found some nice dress for me and make some great photos in new dresses X

Third day of our meeting, I was first who had plan to go out of Bangkok. It was hard to leave each other, but anyway, we will remember it long.. So I headed by train to Chiang Mai, Kathrina from Russia - teacher of spontaneous dancer headed to Phuket and our sweet little friend from Indonesia had to come back next day to Medan...

Chiang Mai. Day 1

What a beautiful land. Silence of buddhistic temple and its garden. Riding bicycle inside the historical square of Chiang Mai. Buddhistic temple: home of Buddha, home of silence and Spirit.

I stay in silence at one place and nobody come and ask me anything, feel free of answering any kind of question. Before I did not appreciate it so much as now, to respect people privacy and people silence.. 

Chiang Mai. Day 2

Riding my bicycle through historical centre of Chiang Mai, which is square surrounded by water channel. Feeling tired after all travelling, wanted to return to my quest house to take a rest, but so funny what happended, just met my friend from Japan riding his bicycle in opposite direction *** Actually first time we met few weeks ago in Lake Maninjau and speak about our travel plans and our plans were so same, just my friend arrived everywhere 3 days before me.... and so on... but here we are. Just met today on that road, spending whole afternoon together.. seems like an new visitor came to my planet to visit me up there :D ***


  1. good..detail and i like when you said "a new visitor came to my planet to visit me up there..."
    how many planet do you have Miss??? :-D

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