Monday, October 21, 2013

On the border of good and evil

Do not know why actually this statement: "on the border of good and evil".. but came somehow intuitively to my mind.. // In my life and I believe to many people around me there are constant decision of choosing good and evil in our lives. And we somehow feel what is good for us, but at the same time we can be strongly attract by an evil things. Evil in this meaning is something what somehow can be dangerous for our life, so we do not know any more how to manage our life. It can be all kind of distraction which leads us away from us... or so much passion for someone even we knew from beginning that that kind of relationship does not lead anywhere, but at same time we can not stay away from that awesome passion, then we are stuck in it and we are no more free, so that things was evil for us that time.......... so be careful and conscious whatever you do so you do not need to regret time of any decision which did not lead nowhere.. :) so keep living learning by mistakes but do not do too much exams. And if you get lost always try not to forget way back.. 

Like in the play of Spider Solitaire, at the end can remain two sets of red or two sets of black or one set of red and one set of black and it is up to you, only up to you (symbolically), which one will go away first and which one last :)