Thursday, May 31, 2012

Moments of Brasil

These photos are taken on Faith Pilgrimage Route to Aparecida (in portuguese Caminho da fe) in Brasil, especially from our 2-3 days foot trip from Săo Sebastiăo da Grama to Águas da Prata, it should be about 34 km according official map but I would guess it was more.. :) Here is the link with a map of Caminho da fe - map

It was quite hard track in strong Brasilian sun, we were surrounded by coffee plantation, by green hills, by cows and horses, and we have not met almost anybody.. it seems to be a real Brasilian countryside :) On the right side, there is a photo of an abandoned house, you can find many other houses as this, but not all of them lost its owners forever, so it is not easy to find out which one is ready just for you to move in :D 

These butterflies did a very pleasant company to us around Águas da Prata, where we climbed up and down hidden waterfall in jungle, but it was really worst to climb there...:)