Thursday, March 29, 2012

Janacek : Sinfonietta (mvt. 1 et 2)


Just began to read 1Q84 and feel very pleased that Murakami mentioned Janáček;s Sinfonietta right in the beginning of the book and have hope that in whole world people will have at least some knowledge about Czech Republic and about Janáček ;) Thank you, Murakami ...

PARENTHOOD, love and to be loved

- written for public mental health, mainly for my own :) Everybody comes from "love" or at least making love hopefully of man and woman. Hopefully this child who is coming from 2 people being together - in marriage, from any other relationships, woman is raped. Hopefully their child knows his/her parents, or at least his/her mother. If somebody is lucky enough, have two parents being, living together in marriage and take care about child. This is case I am going to speak about. Because however this child is lucky because has mother and father, or step-father or step-mother, who has somebody who mind to help him/her if it is really need. Because this is just the beginning of all troubles :D :D I want to say = who is lucky on the start of life does not need to be necesserily happy in the life and who has limited possibilities or experienced death in childhood or whatever hard can achieve happy life however. We need to work so much with whatever we get. To stay with parents does not seem so "cool" in adolescent age as it used to be in childhood. When we are really young and small, and usually very cute, we need parents to help us and to cover all our needs, physical and mental - emotional. When we grow up, we can do more and more things by ourselves, but we still keep mental or let;s say invisible connection to them. And this is ok, if it is healthy connection but in some cases there is a type of addiction from our parents to us, to their children or from children to their parents as well. Still many people around me and I myself find this relationship between parents and their chilldren as not easy because I feel it as balancing between "love" of family, enjoying family "fire" together and on the other hand to look for yourself, to do your business, to find your own way and style of life. Maybe somebody would call this as compromise but i prefere to use the work and attitude of balancing between two sides, because it is not one compromise for all life, it is finding a way between two or more dangerous tower - addiction on one hand, manipulation or limitation of one another on the other hand. Today I was thinking and contemplate what is help and how to help to my parents. I feel as I need to help and stay with my parents right now, and it is fine, but I can not stay with them forever and they got used on me that i help them with many stuff, mainly expain and teach them work with electronics, with computer etc. and it is nice for both side, but sometimes it is so much, I mean, i explain I do and they get used to that somebody is here to do it and then do not rely on so much on themselves and I do not have so much time for my work, my stuff, my studies, so here came time for me to say BIG NO, for example because if you want to help somebody, firstly you need to help yourself (old advice, but still so valuable ;-) or another good advice: help as much, as much you CAN help ;-). I am sure you can imagine all these situation when you were so tired and you had just enough and somebody persued you to do something, to finish something and you just felt worst and worst, or get ill if you have not follow your feelings, your body and mind telling: please STOP.... of course, sometimes is just ok that you have finished something, you just had to because SYSTEM wanted you to finish it, system is not interest in our feelings, system eat us from inside but about this another day, it is so pleasant theme. and we need to find pleasant things in our life, to keep up living in joy ;)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Capitalism and Love of Spirit

Blog 19.3. 2012

Magic date of "2012". Monday. Very nice spring day. Hitchhiking, nice talking with older man in his car, then taking a train, just enjoying the landscape. Near Ražice (near Tábor) discover nice lake with so many birds all playing theirs games on it, and sun shines so nice, sun seems to be so kind today. It would be so nice if everything gonna be so kind as today;s sun is ;) Be free, be free, singing this song, but sometimes afraid that words of this song can be forgoten so quickly. How quickly we can sell our souls and bodies and be slaves of luxury, of comfort, of life with all sureness which this world can offer. We can pay to have nice or better body, to prevent or to improve many physical detection, to pay to have somebody;s life in your hands. MONEY. I have money and you do what i want, then i give you some money (usually little, little part of money). Is not this slavery of capitalism? Capitalism was for many ex-soviet countries kind of hope, hope that things work, things work when you put money into them. If you put money into machine, machine do what you want. And in capitalistic world has became "cool" to have capitalistic relationships, I do something for you because I need you, I give you money and you do what i wish you do, not what you CAN REALLY DO, not what you wish to do. This is not nice... Of course, you can say, it is like this, we can not change it.. but .. listen, if we let it so, it makes disastre. If relationships are not important any more, if will destroy our souls, our (svědomí). And if our svědomí does not work properly who else helps us to save our world, to act in a moral way, in a good way? This seems as very abstract. It is hard to specify, but briefly i would say, it is connected with God, with such Spirit, such Energy which show us how to act in every moment. If we are ready to follow orders of God. If everybody would be ready to act properly as our God wish (not as we wish !!), it would be such a paradise. But we can try it here on this Earth as well, one is so happy when can feel God;s presence, His love... it is nothing for it you need to study so long Bible, to study theology... i speak about SURENESS that He IS, He loves you.... however we can not say He or She, because He is all above that :) This is according me certain top of this life. Live our life in spiritual way... TO BE SURE, WHERE IS OUR PLACE AT THE CERTAIN MOMENT, where is our place among other people. Do something and be sure why we do it, and do not envy to others, as they can have more of something or lead more interesting life than we, but maybe they need it, we do not know what is their mission in this world, we can not judge anyone, ANYONE, we have never known, what is someone;s mission on this planet... just He knows ;) ;) ;) Look for joy, stay in it! ;)

Communism and liberty

Mission - written in the train on monday 19.3. 2012 (from Písek to Plzeň:)

I believe (you know this is the beginning of everything :D) that everybody has god a MISSION in this world. EVERYBODY. Everybody has a task, has something to complete . For better imagination it is like a brain with all the neurons inside, if some neurons missing then some part in body can not work properly. If some people can not complete their mission, it of course has impact on whole society. If some people are consider as criminals, as people are put away of society, something is society is missing. How it helps to society when put some people on the perfiery? In Soviet time in Czech Republic, people who were not "interesting" for communist where send away. People who were psyhical or mentally disabled where hidden to some institution and these institutions were hidden as well in countryside of the country. These people could not work for state , they were different, they were others. Communist state was interest just in heathy people who could live, work and obey THE SYSTEM. Who was against system and told it to somebody or the police recognized was send to hidden places as well, or was send to keep him silence. YES, keep people silence was one of many bad sides of communism. Voluntary slavery, people who wanted live without problems with SYSTEM needed to accept how is it and lost part their liberty in keeping shut their mouths. This is what we have from history, COMMUNISTS taughts us that it is convenient to keep silence for whom which want to achieve some profit to live better (understand: to have some material or economic advantages)!... This is what we deal with all the time, it is in our "nation". Generation from generation pass it over and this is what post-sovietic countries need to deal with in future. Deal with fear to speak about things, do not remain in silence however somebody could pay us to keep in silence our knowledge. Do not be afraid, do not support SYSTEM, which is not good...etc.