Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trip to Tioman island

While working as the volunteers on organic farm in Malaysia, we have decided {me and my friend Flora, co-volunteer there) to travel  somewhere else to see a new land J. We had just 3 days off our work and we decided to go for Tioman island because my friend loves diving and I was just curious about another touristic spot and jungle on island. To get there from our farm by public transport was just horrible J, there is no need to describe about it more, as no place to sit at bus, no A/C and we were too late, so we came to Mersing port where they told us sorry no boats today, you have to wait up tomorrowJ. So we waited…  we took a great walk around the port and enjoy ourselves in shopping centre as there was so great music so it happended to be a disco for awhile for us..:D :D

The promenade in Mersing when we found also some more Europeans:].

Next morning we were said that our boat should leave at 9, so we come there at 8:45 but unfortunately there was no boat and nobody was able to give us more informations about final departure, so we waited and waited, some boats of other boat companies came and leave without us, finally about 11 something we boarded on our small boat, it took another 2-3 hours to get to our destination as we decided stop by ABC resort village (Air Batang), consider to be one of the centre of backpackers by Lonely Planet :D
First impression were so amazing !!! just wow, wow. What a paradise J One would cry from all that tropical beauty, so once again I felt like „Alice in Wonderland“.  I think my friend Flora felt that moment very same, so we were like children in paradise, running to right and to left to discover where is better sand, better beach... and there is indeed many choice to choose.. :D 

First steps in this island were just wordless:].

Then we were about  find some place to sleep, a questhouse. But everything seems to be full or over-expensive for us.  And I really was not in mood to sleep outside, we went further behind this village, just following jungle treck and find some isolated resort with quite resonable prize, so we decided to stay there for 2 nights more. 

Next morning Flora went for her diving activities and decided to go to the wild, to discover jungle, just to continue jungle treck from our resort to discover in early morning some abandoned beaches, such us „monkey beach“ and then another abandoned beach.  Let me show you some pics of jungle and beach :).

Unfortunately, we had to leave this paradise quite quickly. Our boat on the way back almost sank to the bottom of the sea or ocean, but captain solved well situation :D and we could return to our farm house near road:).

This bay was so amazing in the early morning as tourists were still sleeping, so i could enjoyed it by myself:).

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Floods in Padang

Just began rain before few hours and raining, raining whole afternoon, anggkots stuck in Sari Anggrek, there is no way how to get back to Gerbang, UNAND and my kos... Also i fell down to channel with my new laptop, but fortunately i am not hurted and my notebook is working, so i can blog now on it, while we wait at some restaurant when the rain stops. When the rain stops????? maybe at time stop rains me and my friend Putri will be friend with everybody in this restaurant... hahaha.... just not so ready to smile, as feel so cold, as all my clothes got wet from falling into channel... :D :D just imagine... :D :D

Thursday, October 4, 2012

No more water, got flu and cute goat*

Today in the morning i felt quite bad, because i got some flu and headache and just not feeling all right.. And also no water is running already second day so we are currently without any water for shower, washing-up and toilet, we only have *thanks God* water for drinking...

So i stayed at my room whole morning and noon, resting and waiting to feel better. At afternoon i persuaded myself to go at university to sort out my castellano lessons at Language centre at university... and what a nice surprise was awaiting me in front our house :] First i did not know whether it is a sheep or a small dog, but finally realized it is a small, cute and friendly goat.... Definitely my new friend here. Then this goat make friendship with our cat {picture 3] and then this goat with her/his elder companion continued to search better grass in neighbourhood...

*or another plastic bags?* As there is unfortunately rubbish everywhere all around and all animals come and you can see how they are searching food, usually eat this food with plastic bag itself... :{ Even "paradise" like Indonesia has its not so presentable sides.

Picture 2
Picture 3

Our courtyard. The goats just leaving for some other plants. The true is all animals stopped by our courtyard and eat our rubbish, especially the are in love with plastic bags :{ :{

Picture 4 - The neighbourhood

Monday, October 1, 2012

My new room * Padang * Sumatera

Long time no blogging.... no taping words, ideas... now i write about present then continue with past travel in Malaysia and maybe finish with ideas about future.. and about Indonesia and Sumatra, of course :D

Freshly installed mosquito net to my room :-]

Before it was also good {but now one level better, haha :P]. You can see my room {without mosquito net] how looked like before on these photos :]

Left side: room with ambal {indonesian carpet used in every household in living rooms]
Middle photo: kitchen.. now much more food and things to cook..
Right side: Rest room, Shower room, universal cleaning room...

 .... and here is a picture stories how i love a rice cooker... haha... such a useful invention. With rice cooker, everyday there is "nasi putih" - soft white rice and sometimes we put some chilli indide haha, or tofu or we cook egg omelette in it as you can see on right side.. so that`s why i love my rice cooker, because without rice cooker i would eat just "boring" potatoes, tofu and tomatoes without no rice and without no chilli... no true Padang people would eat it! :D