Monday, December 2, 2013


Why some people are keeping money while others no? Some people are just born in rich family and no need to struggle too much to get money while others struggle every days and never have enough.

Our children are going to born in this world where the rules are like that... You are rich or you are poor with its possibilities what it does mean.

If you born as a poor child with limited resources you have 2 basic choices, you are going to accept that you are poor and you appreciate what you already have and you do not struggle to become someone else. Or we struggle all life long to become richer, to have access to wider resources and to guarantee a better (economically, eventually spiritually) future for our children and next generations. So we can work hard all life long and buy house so not only for us but for our children and eventually to have enough money to support our children (if we as parents did not have opportunity to study) to study at good private school and universities to guarantee "better life".

How can be that we still did not learn enough to support those who needs it as a solidarity with those who simply did not born in luxury.

We live in 21st century and they are people who work too much on one side and on the order side too many of others who are not working because there is not work remain for him/her or simply they do not fit into this system or are not able to follow working hours.

The are several way how to live outside of this system which for me does not sound good. I simply do not get why PEOPLE with so much work does not share this work with people who has will to work but has no work / unemployment? so except 8 hrs a day / 5 days a week (or more) there would be system that max. of work hours will be 6 hrs, but usually only 4-5 hours a day / even 3-4 days a week is ENOUGH because if you look on UNEMPLOYMENT rate in Europe, somewhere is even 20-25 % (such as Spain or Italy - some regions), so it means TO SHARE WORK OF THOSE who has it with those WHO DOES NOT HAVE IT !! but do not let ones who does not have it to be flustrated and without work just because we want to keep work for ourselves - "our work" - "mine" ???

- yes it is true, I am not thinking NATIONALLY....I am thinking WORDLY as a WORLD-CITIZEN !!         I am not looking on certain country rights, certain country problems, because problem in one country is problem of all of us !! Destroying of jungle in Indonesia or in Brasil is not ONLY PROBLEM IN THESE COUNTRIES but as WELL for countries who lives around these countries, such dusts in Malaysia and Singapore in July 2013 because of open-fire burning of jungle in Indonesia which was out of control. Malaysia and Singapore get involved in political speech with indonesian government but there is necessary more offer, not only from side of involved countries, such as also from not directly involved countries. Because natural or historical treasure in one nation is not TRULY property of this nation but of every other nation, it is a WORLD PROPERTY. We were said when we were born: You are czech, you are polish, german, indonesian. This is your country, this is your nationaly, this is your belief.., this is your religion... but I do not believe in any of this. Yes, there are different nations, ethnics and they have different cultural and religion habits but what i want to say ABOVE ALL we are WORLD CITIZEN, we are HUMAN CREATURE of this planet EARTH !! Private property is an evil sickness, I do believe, they are for example beaches you can not reach because you can not go through someone private land.. So who were first there and settle down, make fences and put SIGN "THIS IS MINE", not one can enter RULES THAT PLACE. Actually how possible???? ON the beginning there was this planet first, not us. First THIS PLANET was made, oceans and seas, animals and last element was a MAN - WOMAN according to Bible. Yes, to man was given a rule to rule over everything but NOT RULE TO DESTROY IT !! Oh, man................

WHY? Please people wake up!! I do not speak about communist paradise, because it was violent collectivizing or private property. This is something what should come voluntary, with people knowingly what they are doing and why they are doing that... CONCENTRATED process of consciousness of certain amount of people.... !!

Lets get ready and link ourselves............ !! :)