Thursday, November 1, 2012

The life of one rice cooker

:(an comparative study of 2 rice cookers, first rice cooker is currenty living in Asia, second one in Europe:)

European rice cooker feel so useless, because nobody wants him. European rice cooker is very expensive compare to Asian one and has to wait long in the shelves of shops to get somebody house, finally when rice cooker gets to somebody house, nobody really cares about him, just time to time there is time to cook rice, but people does not take many rice, as they prefere more bread :XD
While Asian rice cooker has no privacy, always some people around him, always there is some family members around. The best moment for Asian rice cooker is his dinner time because all family take its rice from him and rice cooker very happy. Ohhhh, my sweet family, do you want to have more rice? But one day Asian rice cooker had dream and in this dream saw european rice cooker in France and european rice cooker almost always on holiday, did not have to work so much, worked just very rarely and was always in good company of fresh fresh bread and sweet italian espresso. Then Asian rice cooker was not so happy at dinner time any more, because he wanted to travel more, to see the world ,to be on a holiday. He tries to speak to his family, but nobody understand him, because Asian rice cooker can not go on holiday, he has to work, his work, his pleasure, but Asian rice cooker can not be happy like this, because of his dream about European rice cooker, so he set up to discover world and to meet his european rice cooker friend, as he believe to his dream, as he believe this european rice cooker exist and maybe they can go together on holiday, maybe they can work together, so there will be less of work for both of them.... :XD :XD but first he has to escape from his family, to discover his own way....

This story is dedicated to all Indonesian youngers which need to discover their own path in life, while it can be sometimes difficult for their families to understand.... i hope this story encourage you to continue... :D :D