Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Czech Republic and spirit of communism

I born at year “89”, so I am one of the revolution child, because in 1989 there was a Velvet revolution and after that revolution people try to understand democracy… Before revolution people could not travel abroad, could not say their opinion as they wanted, especially could not disagree with the current political system unless they wish to get to prison or lost opportunity for a good job or opportunity to study at university if he\she disagree publicly with system or somebody from your family, everybody had to vote every year the same party, because actually there was no other choice to vote. 

 People at that time, lets say, after 2 world war, Russian communist came to Czechoslovakia and won their first party at 1948 and they stayed and rules within communist spirit up to 1989. Long time, he? Actually there was a break in this period, at year 1968, people call it “Prague spring”, as Prague got new fresh spirit, people demonstrated in the streets against the system, politic, wanted change, boundary were opened, so many people migrated outside of country, lucky them who did it before Russian invasion in 1969 came, because they just appear with tanks to show up their power over our country and close the border again !!! so people who wanted to travel, could go just inside the USSR, mostly to Jugoslavia and had to wait for special travel permission. In rarely case people got a permission to go to west but they could not take so much things with them and usually only 1 or 2 people from family could go to west, so there was a guarantee, they will return. Also they could exchange czech money for foreigner currency, but just limited amount to avoid people would ever think to move, to escape abroad... But of course where is a will, there is a way. So many people manage to got abroad in that year 1968 when boundry opened but also in different situation when they somehow illegally cross the border.. Filmmakers still make many movies about it, as it is still very rooted in people mind, that communist system, system of fear, when people who are in high position in communist system have power over lifes of others..  There is one czech film which shows about this theme Kawasaki rose and great film from east german communist environment: The lives of others....
Sometimes you can find people who still live in communisme in their minds, they do not get how people can travel everywhere, how people can decide themselves for theirs lifes and still some governmental offices in my hometown keep the spirit of communisme, I am somebody and you are nothing, even you go there for such banal affair like to make a new passport or new IC or you lost it, they show you in very arrogant way, they have right over your life... How you can make democracy if there is so much rubbish in people mind and if people of one state are not ready to behave independently? Answer is in a time... czech people need more time to get breathe, i guess. And learn from past, live in present and be ready be better in future..  :]
I think many parents support their children to get outside of the country and travel, as they could not travel themselves when they were young, so they support youngsters in it and can fulfil theirs dreams over youngsters, by my experiences „)

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